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Company FAQ

Question: Does Bortner Shows drug test for their employees?

Yes! Safely for children and families is our top priority. All our employees are tested at the start of each season they are with us. We also hold random drug tests throughout the season. Anyone that does not pass the test is terminated from our company. 


Question: Does Bortner Shows background checks for its employees? 

Answer: Yes! We run state and FBI background checks on each of our employees each year they are with us.


Question: Where do Bortner Shows employees staying during the event?

Answer: Some of our staff live on-site in mobile bunk housing units, campers, and tents, or they stay close by at hotels. However, many commutes to work each day.


Question: Does everyone win a price on your games?

Answer: Yes, On our midway we believe every child should win a prize. Even if they don't win. We put our customers first! Making our games Prize Every Time games.

Question: Does our event or organization need to supply any employees during the run of the event?

Answer: No need! Bortner Shows Midway is entirely self-sufficient. No help is required for the setup, operation, or dismantling of the amusement rides for your event. If you would like to provide volunteers to help run the event, we can sometimes use them as additional areas within the midway. (However, we require that all staff be background checked and drug tested before working on our midway. as well as go through an entire 6-hour training.)


Other information about Bortner Shows:


Each employee is responsible for wearing a logo-designed shirt and a name tag which is obtained only after passing a drug test and background check.


Drug tests are always performed randomly throughout each season to maintain a strict and safe midway environment. 

Bortner Shows has a non-smoking policy for our employees & our customers on all of our midway.


Bortner Shows has a non-discrimination policy that covers a wide variety of diversity. We are happy to work with everyone!



Important State Information:


NOTICE O.R.C. 1711.551 requires that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding this ride & behave in a manner that will cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others.







Question: Which states are Bortner Shows licensed in?

Answer: We are licensed by the state of agriculture of Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Question: Does Bortner Shows have insurance?

Answer: Yes! Bortner Shows has a 1 million dollar insurance policy that covers our entire operation. 

Question: Will the owner of Bortner Shows is on-site during the event?

Answer: Yes! We are a family-owned company. Many of our family members work very closely with daily operations on the midway. 

Question: Is Bortner Shows ride(s) inspected?

Answer: Yes! Bortner Shows works very closely with all state and local regulations. Our equipment has been State inspected. We run daily extensive ride safety inspected checks. We also have a certified ride inspector for the state of Pennsylvania who is one of our owners. 

Question: Who will provide the power to operate the midway attractions?

Answer: All we ask for our event(s) to provide us with a 110 at 15 amp plug for our inflatable attractions. Our other attractions are run off of our 100 KW Generator that we provide. 

Question: Is this a full-time business for Bortner Shows?

Answer: Yes! While most other traveling carnivals vacation all winter, Bortner Shows repairs and repaints all our equipment for the upcoming season. Quality is very important to us.


Question: How many tickets do your rides take?

Answer: All Rides take 4 - 6 tickets. All tickets are $1.00 each or 25 for $20.00 or some events sell unlimited ride passes. *Prices are subject to times, and change please check our ticket booth at each event.*


Question: Do the games and food also take tickets?

Answer: Yes and no, Our games take Tickets however our food takes cash and credit/debit. 


Question: When do I need to contact Bortner Shows about booking an event?

Answer: As soon as possible. We are always booking new events. (BOOK US NOW)

Question: Does it cost us anything to bring you to our event?  

Answer: Yes, We normally charge a deposit for every event, and rental. This guarantees our arrival. 


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