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Midway Safety

Safety is our Number 1 Priority!

We at Bortner Shows Midway pride ourselves with making safety is our number one priority. All attractions are regularly checked daily by our safety professionals. To ensure regulatory standards, licensing requirements and rider safety, the rides undergo daily on-site inspections. Plus all our equipment is  inspected by local and state inspectors. We only provide well illuminated and in safe operating conditions. 

During the winter months, our equipment is fully inspected and well refurbished at our winter quarters facility. Our team looks over each individual ride and performs the proper maintenance procedures required. After all mechanical and electrical components are refurbished, check out our shop tab for photos of our shop. 

Our Team!

Our on-the-job training begins long before an employee is allowed to operate an attraction. Every Bortner Shows Employee is drug tested pre-employment and all members of our midway are subject to random drug testing throughout the season. Each team member is certified to set up, operate, and break down all our attractions. Each employee is responsible for wearing a logo-designed shirt and name tag. In addition they are responsible for passing a state and FBI background check. Our team is required to follow a non-smoking policy as well as agree to our non-discrimination policy that covers a wide variety of diversity. We are happy to work with everyone!

Tips For Having a Safe Day  on our Midway!

  • KEEP hands, arms and legs inside ride at all times.

  • USE safety equipment such as a seat belt, shoulder harness or lap bar when provided.

  • STAY in ride until it comes to a complete stop.

  • READ posted rules.

  • OBSERVE age, height and weight restrictions.

  • FOLLOW instructions of ride operator.

Check ALL posted height requirements before purchasing tickets or passes.  You can check what attractions you can ride based on your height at a custom sign on each attraction.

Watch a complete cycle of the ride or attraction you wish to ride before riding it so that you know exactly what it does.

DO NOT force a child to ride an attraction that they do not want to.

A scared child on the ground may panic in the air.

Required  State Inspectors 


Safety Video!

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