Safety Is Our Top Priority!

  1. Each of our attractions are labeled with height and weight requirements. 

  2. Adults are not permitted on any of our current attractions due to height and weight requirements made by the state and manufacture.

  3. We are not responsible for keeping track of your belongings or for lost or stolen goods.

  4. Experts estimate that approximately 80% of the incidents that occur on carnival equipment are the result of patron error. Rocking ride seats, sticking your hands out of the car or throwing objects are all examples of behaviors that can result in injury.

  5. It is important that each customer obey the posted rules and regulations for Bortner Shows Midway LLC. Those rules can be found on our ride signs, which hang near the rides entrance.

  6. You can also help by reporting any violation of these rules to the ride operator or at our ride office as soon as you observe the behavior.

Safety Procedures


Things you need to kow


  1. Every ride has a height requirement set by the ride manufacturer.

  2. All rides and equipment are inspected daily.

  3. Rides are inspected by 3rd party inspectors before every event in the state of Ohio. In the State of Pennsylvania one of our own owners is a Certified Ride Inspector for the state of Pennsylvania.  

  4. Close attention is paid to the weather and severe weather is always being watched.

  5. All supervisory employees are connected by their walkie talkies for immediate response to any issues that might arise on the midway.

  1. Our attractions have been inspected as required by the Pennsylvania and Ohio Amusement Ride Inspection Act.

  2. Rides are inspected once a week by the state ride inspectors.

  3. Daily Inspection logs are required for all each day the attraction is operated on the midway.

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Employee Training

  1. Our on the job training begins long before an employee is allowed to operate a ride.

  2. Every Bortner Shows Employee is drug tested pre-employment and all members of our midway are subject to random drug testing throughout the season.

  3. All our employees are certified to set up, operate, and break down our Kiddie Ferris Wheel.

  4. Each employee is responsible for wearing a logo designed shirt and name tag.

  5. All our employees are responsible for passing a state and FBI  background check.

  6. Bortner Shows has a non-smoking policy for our employees on all of our midway.​

  7. Bortner Shows has a non-discrimination policy that covers a wide variety of diversity. We are happy to work with everyone!

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Ride Inpsections 

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Sanitize Procedures 

  • All employees get a temperature check prior to entering starting work for the day.

  • Our Attractions, games, and food concessions get deep cleaned twice a day.

  • Everything gets wiped down with disinfectant wipes everything 2 hours.

  • Hand Sanitation stations have been added to our midway for our customers.

  • All food concession surfaces constantly sanitized.

  • The entire trailer was cleaned top to bottom every night and morning before operation. 

  • All employees are required to wear gloves and masks while working. 

  • Six Feet Marks are made in front of each attraction, game, or food concession to practice social distancing.

We are constantly updating these procedures which are guidelines from CDC as well as both Ohio and Pennsylvania state boards of healths. For the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and event boards.


Please check for more information. 

Bortner Shows Midway LLC. & Bortner Concessions LLC. Thank you for your support! We wish you and yours health and safety! 



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contacts at: